Dumpster Diving The Los Angeles Fair

Every year I look forward to the Los Anglese Fair coming to town, but it’s probably not for the reasons most would think. Dumpster diving the fair is a fun and exciting way to grab great things for free. I am able to retrieve stuufed animals and other great things for my two daughters. I know they are not worth much, bu what kid doesn’t love a good stuffed animal from the fair. While dumpster diving I am also able to find some great produce which si still fine toeat, which my wife loves because it helps us save on graceries for that whole month the fair is in town. I have also found some great stuff for myself while dumpster diving the Los Anglese Fair. I have been able to get many of the items that the carnies use in their games such as basketballs, soft balls, champaign glasses and so forth. I have been telling my friends aboutmy dumpster diving for years and my group of fellow dumpster divers has grown quite large over the years. If you are interested in joining us for some good old fashion dumpster diving then please contact me via email on the contact us page.

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